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IMO, a worldwide institute of consultants, promotes ‘horizontal leadership’. Horziontal means: everyone participates with his or her own quality in the same process of interactive responsibility. Responsible¬†litterly means: to give an answer. Here the element of language appears immediately.¬†

The concept ‘Soul of Language’ is closely related to this idea of leadership. It is hard to imagine actions of leadership without using words, communication, notes, reports, stories, commands, speeches and so on. And when you carefully observe the elements of a succesful conversation you will discover many aspects of leadership in the realm of language.¬†

This website is part of a bigger project in which I will finally publish a theory of language. This vision will help you to better master your life, because everything we organize as human beings is wrapped in language. If you know your way in language, its corners, hidden passages and fields, as if you have a map, a compass or a navi-system, then you will know the way in leadership. This is my expectation behind the language project.

To me it is helpful to perceive language as a kind of a living entity with a soul. Language is not just a mean to a certain goal, for example to transport information from one to another, but it has an own existence. I compare this with the idea of what people sometimes name: ‘an organization with a soul’. Something can appear in this organized reality that makes sense to people. But this ‘something’ is not easy to describe. It is beyond the sum of input and output, beyond a set of figures. What is it?

As a result of research in practical life and study of many existing theories I developed a concept of four layered language. I both try to distinguish and connect these layers. Language manifest itself for example as somehow materialized. For example as a thin book. We can also conceive language as a living phenomenon. For example a hot discussion. Or language has a specific inside and outside reality and those realities appear in changing relationships. For example a story can bring the past into the present. And ultimately I understand language as a spiritual event. For example a call can change someones destiny.

Leadership is all about performing on those different layers. It is possible to gain mastery of language.